Choosing a Web Designer – 5 Questions to Ask First

Choosing a Web Designer is an important part when you want to start your own Website. A good designer will help your website be more attractive and it will also give your audience or viewers a satisfying visit to your website.

And by choosing an excellent Web designer, you must know what to ask first. Here are the 5  questions that you should ask when choosing a good and excellent web designer that will help your website gain popularity and help you gain more money from the readers and visitors.




First, ask What kind of website is it? Is it a website that has a responsive design that can allow to respond to the other device like Cellphone, Tablet or computer that is being viewed on?

How does it work? Determine how much space is needed and available and how it should display the website. Are there breakpoints set ups to allow target ranges that can define specific types of display? Are there breakpoints available for devices such as Phones, Tablets and computers?


What are the benefits of the website? If its looking very nice, are there any zoom in and zoom out available for the other small devices. Are all pages available? Because other users, who are from other industry,  are complaining about the pages that is very hard to see or they can hardly navigate to the pages.

Make the switch for screen sizes and and re-orients the desktop site for mobile and tablets of all different resolution available for the viewers. Lastly, is it Google Approved? Webmasters must follow the recommended  best practice using the Responsive Web Design. Serving the same HTML and using CSS media queries to decide the version on each device.

Choosing the people you want to design your website is not that hard to decide when it comes to online marketing service. You can gain more ideas online on how to engage your website in digital marketing services, click on blog for further info. Online marketing is the basic step for your company’s success.