What you should know about process of design

Designing a website is hard for first timers, you need to have long patience in order for you to succeed. Having a lot of mistakes won’t hurt you that’s why you need to know all about the process of designing before you start designing your own website.

Watch the video below about the designing process:

First, learn about what project or business you are going to make and set goals for your project. Then do the research on the books, magazines and computer about the business, industries and your competitors. Do this to make sure you create the best visual solution for your website.

Sketch for your own ideas to work efficiency and get your proper visual solution for your website. Use and settle your concept design it is up to you if how many concepts you will make.


Present your concepts to someone that has a knowledge about your project or if you are designing for others, then present the concepts to them and explain why these concepts be successful in the future. When you are planning to go abroad especially in Taiwan, first thing that you should do is to process your visa. Then choose the best travel agency in which you can process your visa in an easy and fast way,台胞證. Don’t worry if it is your first time to travel and process your visa because it is normal and you will get used into it the next time. You have more than one revisions, as it is normal in the world of designing just like the Starry World company .

If you are a web designer, after all the revising deliver all the files to your client and be ready to let the world know about your new creation or if you owns it then be ready to let the world know how creative you are for creating a successful website.

Thanks to our business partner Lyn N. Ingram who share us this useful information about the process of designing.