History of web design

Have you ever wondered how the history of Web design goes from 1990 until today? Its started from the first markup language the HTML that provides the basic building block for the webpages and the table based web design takes over the web as soon as it is introduced.

Then in 1994 the World Wide Web consortium or also known as W3C is established and the goals are all set for the future web design. While the flash and java script introduced animation and special effects to the web design and it allows the internet to be more interactive and to give the viewers a satisfying visit.


In 1996 the CSS introduced by the W3C that helps improves the accessibility and makes the HTML code semantic to the internet.  It is also the time that the Frames are very popular to the users, because it allows the users to display two or more web pages and media elements within the same browser window.

1998 the PHP is released and paves the way for every web pages. After that year the CSS introduced new features and functions that can help the development and changes the face of the web design.


In 2003 the internet users are over 7 hundred million it was also the time that the social media, blogs and wiki are very popular. In 2008 the ready to use open source software became so popular and more people access the internet on mobile phones than the computers.

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