Web design trend of 2016

Web Design these days are very popular especially in today’s generations. There are Web designs that trends every year but this year’s trending web designs are the most fascinating and amazing design than the past years.

I will show you what design features are trending this year of 2016 and how it can help the viewers and visitors to access it easily compared to the non-trending web designs that are not too visitor friendly. You can a lot of tips from this article and it will give a lot of benefits to your website design.


Many people are asking what are the features added or including in the 2016 Web design that it makes it more trending than last year. Well the answer is having a Semi Flat Design they added more depths and  complexity in the shading, it has a dynamic color that helps rectify the dullness of the pages and the typography is made to be simple and very easy to read for the visitors and the viewers.

Today’s generation of technology is now more on simplicity but elegant and it is really relaxing just by looking on the designs.

Watch the video about the 2016 trending Web Design below:

This year’s trending design has a lot of features that you can use and add to your website design there is Custom Drawn Illustrations that can help in telling the story about the history of your business in the page that will leave a very memorable experience to all the users and it will also stand out from all the cookie cutter sites.

You can also add Cinematograph because it is more nicer to see than the photos and gifs. Storytelling will give your company a better understanding and lastly it will save the loading time and just like the cad company said it makes more fun for all the viewers.

Many Thanks to our business partner Aileen O. Grady that give a lot information about the Web design trending in 2016.