3 Stages to Planning, Designing, and Optimizing a Website

You may think designing a website is easy as pie, but you could be looking at a pie designed by Gordon Ramsay himself. It’s not an easy job. There are so many things to consider, that sometimes you would need a whole team to carefully plan, assess, and design your website.

The infographic below shows us the simplified version of an otherwise complicated process.


The first stage of any web design process is the planning. Careful planning will lead you to an effective website. The first thing you should plan is the structure. Understanding the call to action of your business will streamline your design efforts. Everything boils down to making your customer click that subscribe button or order button.

You should plan the pages well. Constructing the pages efficiently will make your usability factor increase, and your visitors would want to see more of your website.

Next is to plan your navigation. For some odd reason, people become ten times more impatient when they are online, so you should make sure that the flow of your website is very clean and natural, so that your user will not get lost and close your website before even reading the call to action.


The next stage is the design and layout. Make sure that there is consistency in your design, as well as text clarity, coherence, color, information placement, and information coding.

There are five quality components to web design. There is satisfaction, learnability, errors, memorability, and efficiency.

And the last stage is the strategic implementation which is divided into two parts: testing and launching. Good luck!