10 Things to Check Before Developing a Website

Making your own website is always an exciting time. Not only can you look forward to making your mark on the world wide web, you can also have the potential to earn money from it. Whether it’s by internet ads or the sales from your product. Nevertheless, expressing your ideas in a website can be really good for you.

However, there are several things you should check before developing your website. Here are 10 things we listed out for you. Everything is based off the infographic below.


The first thing you should check before developing a website is the domain. The domain is the name of your website. This is essentially the most important part of your website. The name will make or break your website. If you have a catchy name, you’re basically considered sold. Pair that name with a great product, and you’ll soon be looking at a quick ROI.

Choose carefully whether you want a .com or .net website (personally, I prefer .com, it’s more common). Next thing you should worry about is hosting. You should choose a reliable host, and make sure that there is enough capacity for your website.


Next up is technology. You have to choose between using HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Jquery, Javascript, or others.

Then you have to think about the purpose of the final goal after all of tasks. Yes, the self promotion of marketing applied by a professional service company. Why did you make your website in the first place. Answering this will give you your mission and vision goals. Do not worry about what to wear during your wedding day. With this new design of Meticulous Bride dress that will make every bride looks gorgeous. Every bridal business try to learn something new in the fashion industry in order to create a unique style that will build up their marketing strategy.