The Basics of CMS

With the help of the video below, we are going to make a very basic CMS. It means content management system. Through it, we can list pages on our home page. In the tutorial, it also tackles how to build an admin panel where we can add a page, and give all the information we need.


CMS touches a little bit of PHP concepts and the functionality to insert pages to the content management system. We will be working at queries and security as well.

Concepts like separating the background from what you show to your user on the screen.

The next videos will tackle on setting up the database. And then the rest of the series will talk about putting all of it together.

The home page is shown below. There is no content, so you have to create the content. Put the title, label, slug, body. Then click add.

And that’s a quick overview of what CMS programming is. It has a very simplistic layout at first, but watch as your website unfolds by following the next videos in the series.